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For us at Orem Lock, our customers are our greatest priority and we strive to serve them in the best way possible. It is one of the reasons why we have been loyal to each other.

Here is what some of our customers have to say about us:

Absolute Genius

“This is a good one: my car is a discontinued model with the inside car trunk button broken, I’ve used the trunk key slot maybe five times, and I effectively locked my keys in the trunk. The lock pick set is very rare, so Tom begins attempting to pick into the mostly unused, very rigid, trunk key slot with a lock pick that’s not an exact match. After a long while and many attempts he moves to the driver door; same results here. He then used an airbag to open a gap between the front passenger’s door and the car, which allowed him to use an automotive hanger to unlock the door. We are in! Although, we still have to figure out how to get into the trunk. We start at the back seats because I know they fold down…somehow. After several minutes feeling, pushing, pulling, poking, and prodding, I begin searching on my phone to learn how the seats fold down, and Tom is endeavoring to retrieve the trunk button from the inside of the driver door. He’s finally able to pull out the trunk button connection port. The trunk button itself is still missing but the electrical prongs are exposed, so he takes a piece of metal, places it on both electrical prongs to complete the circuit, and boom goes the dynamite! Well, in this case, my trunk opened. Absolute genius. Where there is a Tom, there is a way!”

- Derick J.

Works Great

“I went to an actual dodge auto shop for a new remote key fob and they quoted me $330 for the key and to program it, and said I’d have to leave it for at least 1-2 hours. I came here to Orem lock it took them 15 minutes, and was an amazing price only a third of what dodge was gonna charge me, brand new and works great!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

- Clayton C.


“Tom was wonderful, we had two lock smith companies come out both of whom failed to fix our lock. Tom came out was quick, wonderfully priced, extremely informative, and 100% transparent. He was called at 3 pm and before 4 pm that same day our locks were fixed! I would recommend using him every time.”

- Main Office

Very Transparent

“Locked my keys in my car. David Brown was there in no time and got the door open quickly. He was very nice and very transparent. They also charged way less then anyone else would quote me. Highly recommend!”

- Gradyn W.

Pleasant and Pateint

“Lost the only key to my old Saturn. They came out within 30 minutes, got me a new key and on my way. Incredibly professional, pleasant, and patient. Would be my first call if I needed a locksmith.”

- Gavin M.


“I got locked out of my house with 2 little kids right when nap time was supposed to start. They came within 20 minutes! Only 55 bucks to open our door! It took 3 minutes to open. Awesome!”

- Karli W.

Great Price

“I called this locksmith to come fix a lock (that another locksmith worked on 2 days ago) and he not only showed up less than an hour later he explained what the problem was and fixed it. I checked the mechanism before he left and it’s actually working now. Would recommend this guy to anyone. He was quick, professional, and a great price. Thank you!!”

- Tracy Mc.

Personalized Service

“These guys were awesome. I brought in a high-end car to have a new key fob programmed after contacting 7 or 8 other places. Their prices were 1/3rd that of virtually all the others I contacted. Their “waiting room” wasn’t impressive … just a few chairs on the inside of their small building, but their local feel, personalized service, budget-friendly pricing provided me with what I was looking and hoping for. I will definitely continue sending business their way!”

- Shawn P.

Super Friendly

“Needed help getting into a car after the keys were locked inside. They were there unlocking the car within 10 minutes of calling! Super friendly and professional.”

- Spencer O.


“The guys all kinda seemed like they were stoned but they also did the work and did it quickly. They had the kind key I needed which was great bc I was hoping to get it done that day and they were able to.”

- Savannah F.

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